Robert Clark

Louise Tanoto

Guy Hoare

Elizabeth Barker

music design
Robert Clark

Aphex Twin, Katyna Ranieri + Riz Ortolani

Amstatten (2012) is an allegory on fear and confinement. A subliminal play that contrasts performer Louise Tanoto’s inner psychological landscape with the imposition of a reduced and restricted physical space.

Accompanied by a stark and geometric lighting design by acclaimed lighting designer Guy Hoare, Amstatten draws on stories of kidnapping and hostage situations taken from the past 30 years and presents the audience with a beautiful and disturbing representation of the resulting common elements.

Amstatten is 15 minute solo designed for small to mid scale venues, ideal for mixed bill programmes. Toured nationally.

incredibly thought out and well executed, a carefully edited piece of work

Erin Johnson
Bach Track

This is a finely tuned, concentrated performance … Magic is not something one associates with imprisonment, but Robert Clark has chosen to take the brutality out of the prison and replace it with heart, imagination and stoicism, suggesting that our interior state of life is enough to transform a place or situation.

Nicholas Minns


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Images © Ludovic Des Cognets