Poetry of the Pragmatic


choreography, concept, live sound video + performance
Robert Clark + Vidal Bini

with assistance from
Peter Pleyer + Georges Gagnere

Olivier Pfeifer

light + software development
Renaud Rubiano

digital direction
Bruno Martelli

Robert Clark + KHZ


Poetry of the Pragmatic (2008) is the first collaboration between Robert Clark and Berlin based dancer and choreographer Vidal Bini. The duo first met in Germany in 2004 whilst working for Cie Felix Ruckert and began working together shortly after.

Developed across three countries (Germany, France and England), Poetry is an investigation into memory and the complexities of exposing structure and illusion. Poetry is a live and spontaneous game. A game of pure dance movement, pedestrian actions, text and projected images.

Each time it is shown the game picks up a new facet and in front of the audience makes the transition towards its next incarnation. This game is one of stealth and reaction, of trickery and of friendship. It is often humorous and is consistently beautiful.

Poetry of the Pragmatic is an hour long duet for small to mid-scale venues. Toured internationally.

supported by

La Filature Scene Nationale, Cie Incedents Memorab, Theatre Resource, Dock 11

Images © Bruno Martelli