Self: Reconfigured

concept + direction
Robert Clark

Petra Söör, Kip Johnson

set + costume

lighting design
Guy Hoare

Mixed Reality Lab @ University of Nottingham, Dominic Dowbekin, Miguel Farias

Vasanthi Argouin

Self: Reconfigured is a Virtual Reality experience that offers the chance for audiences to experience themselves in new and fascinating ways. The work combines physical encounters with VR content; playing with the sensory alignment between “what is seen and what is felt”, so as to reconfigure our perception of “self” and open up new ways for us to experience and understand. An immersive journey of embodied (un)learning, Self: Reconfigured suggests our potential as people to change and wills us to reconnect anew with the world, our environment, society and our communities, without assuming a separate and allimportant sense of self as the starting point.

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Images © Robert Clark