The Night Garden

choreography Robert Clark

Aline Serrano, Anna Virkunen, Annika Doerr, Carla Morera Cuzate, Manuela Calleja Valderrama, Milla Keskitalo, Raul Marquez Gaitan, Samira Boesch, Sebastian Zuber, Yali Rivlin + Younha Ma

The Night Garden (2015) is a 40 minute work commissioned by SEAD for eleven final year students.

The work was an interactive experience for the audience, created over 4 weeks. The Night Garden aimed to physically involve the audience, to alter the audiences perception of the performance space and the people inside it, to create a sense of “fusion” between both individuals and space. The work was a reaction to the perceived separation between people and nature, and designed to reconfigure the ones of self and other that support this separation.


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Images © Sensor(eye)